Asian Leopard / Bengals

This is an Asian Leopard of Unique Paw Prints.

The Asian Leopard is the pure wild ancestor used to produce our F1 Bengals containing at least 50% wild blood. The Asian Leopard featured here has been proven to produce the most astonishing markings and beautiful colors for our Bengal Program.

The leopard cat has one of the widest spread ranges of the Asian wild cats, inhabiting most of Asia and several islands. Adult size varies according to subspecies and region, but leopard cats are generally 60 to 90 cm in head and body length, with a tail length of 28 to 37 cm. Shoulder height is generally 20 to 45 cm, and body mass is usually between 4 and 17 lb. Coloration also varies throughout the leopard cat's range, but its color tends to be yellowish-brown in southern parts and grayish-brown more towards the north.

Generally, leopard cats have dark spots on their bodies and tails, stripes running down the back of the head, and rings on the tail toward the tip. The Iriomote cat subspecies has a brown coat, and it reaches about two feet in head and body length. Its tail and legs are short compared to its body size. The Indian leopard cat is one of the smaller subspecies and has a shorter coat than its northern relatives. Leopard cats are excellent swimmers and tree climbers.

Because of its wide range, this species is found in a variety of habitats, but there is usually a reliable water source needed nearby. Generally, leopard cats are found in forested or wooded areas, often spilling out to cover adjoining scrub and grasslands. Some leopard cats have been known to thrive in agricultural areas such as coffee plantations. Leopard cats are believed to be nocturnal but diurnal activity has been observed. They are solitary and prefer to sleep in small caves or hollow trees. Diet consists of small mammals, such as rodents and hares, small reptiles, insects, fish, and carrion. Leopard cats breed year-round, and females give birth to one to four kittens after a gestation period of 65 to 70 days.

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