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If you are looking for a beautiful Bengal cat for your home, we invite you to contact Kayman Katz. For two decades, we’ve bred and raised beautiful Bengals in a highly social and loving environment.

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Get Yourself a Bengal Cat Today

Sure, Bengal cats might look like they have a wild side—but don’t be fooled by their native blood. Bengals are incredibly affectionate and social—especially when we breed them.

With over twenty years of breeding Bengals, Abyssinians, and other exotic breeds, we’ve crafted the ideal environment for those feline friends. They’re raised in a cage-free environment where their many brothers and sisters surround them, and continually receive affection from breeders and visitors.

As you can see, we do a lot for our cats. What can we do for you? With our services, you can always expect:

  • No-obligation consultations
  • Congenital and genetic guarantees
  • Kittens of varying colors
  • Competitively priced kittens
  • And more

Learn more by calling us today.

Better Than the Average Bengal Cat Breeder

Our two decades of breeding experience have allowed us to perfect our approach to breeding. Our Bengals aren’t just raised healthily—they’re born healthy, too.

Whether you’re looking for an F1 Bengal or an SBT Bengal, we can help you. We’ll help you find the perfect cat during your no-obligation consultation. We’ll discuss prices, preferences, and more. 

Caring and Cage-Free Purebred Cat Breeder

Cats have a reputation for being solitary creatures, but they still need to play together and experience human contact—especially during their early life.

We make sure our Bengal cats get the best start to their life possible. In our cage-free cat breeding facility, they live a free and fun-filled life. There are endless toys to enjoy, indoor and outdoor play areas, and more.

We make sure your future cat has the best start to life.

Our Bengal Cats Come with a Clean Bill of Health

When you buy your Bengal cat from us, you get the assurance that your cat is as healthy as can be. Our Bengals undergo frequent veterinary checkups and receive all their shots before entering any happy family’s home.

Bengal Queen, Bengal Sire, and Bengal Kitten Breeders

To see our many queens and sires, we invite you to view our website’s gallery. There you’ll find photos of playful kittens and adorable adult Bengals.

Purebred Bengals for Incredible Prices

We have many Bengals in our facility, and they’re all bred differently. Rest assured, if you’re eager to bring a Bengal into your life, we’ll find one that suits your budget.

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When it comes to Bengal cats, there is no better breeder than us. Rest assured, we breed our kittens to cuddly perfection. See for yourself by visiting our facilities or calling (216) 952-0007 today. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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