Bengal Kittens in Columbus

Meet the newest and cutest addition to your family—the Bengal kitten! With the coat of a wild cat and a gentle, playful, and curious personality, Bengal cats are truly a gem among domestic cat breeds. For many years now, Kayman Katz has been the most respected Bengal breeder in Columbus.

If you're considering buying a Bengal cat, call us first to visit our beautiful and clean breeding facility to meet your new family member in person!


Why Choose a Bengal Kitten?

Bengal kittens are sought after for their distinctive fur and their lovely personalities. With a near-infinite variation in the patterns, colors, and tones, their fur has made them famous for resembling miniature wild cats. In many cases, they are born with spots and arrowhead patterns that make them look just like little leopards!

But it's not just their fur that Bengal cat owners love, it's their inquisitive and playful personalities too. They are typically characterized by being smart, energetic, and very curious. They love exploring the outdoors and especially climbing or playing near water. If you're looking for a friendly cat breed with a lot of personality, a Bengal kitten is definitely for you!

Experienced Exotic Cat Breeders

For over two decades, Kayman Katz has been the first choice for Bengal cat breeders in Columbus. We take care to maintain compliance with all exotic cat regulations and guidelines. Our Bengal kittens are born healthy and undergo veterinary checkups so that they receive all the requisite shots.

Our cage-less facility is sanitary and open for prospective Bengal owners to visit. Call us to arrange an appointment and see for yourself! We are the region's leading Bengal kitten breeders for a reason.

Bengal Kittens for Sale

Our Bengal kittens are bred to show their best qualities. Choose from our current selection of well-bred Bengal generations, including:

  • F1 Bengal
  • F2 Bengal
  • F3 Bengal
  • F4 Bengal
  • F5 Bengal

Each kitten is born with unique fur. Strong, healthy, curious, and playful, our cats are the perfect companions for you and your loved ones.

Bengal Kitten Personality

With many Bengal kittens and Bengal cats for sale, you'll certainly have a hard time choosing! Their personalities have been described as confident, talkative, and friendly. Always on the alert, the Bengal cat loves to explore new terrains and will often climb things to get a better look at its surroundings. Unlike many other breeds, the Bengal cat happens to be especially playful and can even be taught tricks such as fetching and puzzle-solving.

Indeed, these cats are so smart, and they've even been known to play tricks on their owners—turning on and off lights and hiding random objects around the house. Give them lots of attention, and they'll return the love each and every day!

Contact Kayman Katz to Buy a Bengal Kitten

If you're looking for a domestic cat that loves to play and cozy-up, a Bengal kitten is for you. Come and visit our facilities to find the perfect Bengal cat for your home. We love meeting Bengal cat lovers and new Bengal owners.

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