Exotic Cat Breeder in Pennsylvania

At Kayman Katz, we want you to have a healthy and happy exotic feline companion that fits perfectly into your home and lifestyle.

We breed kittens with specific genetic advantages and raise them to be exceptionally well-behaved adults. If you’re looking for a beautiful cat to call your very own, we are the go-to choice in Pennsylvania and the surrounding area. All our cats are brought up in a clean and loving environment, and we always go above and beyond caring for them.

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Humane Exotic Cat Breeding

We have over 20 years of experience in the breeding of exotic cats, and pedigreed cats are our specialty and our passion. We always make sure to handle each one with the utmost love and respect. Rest assured, our prized felines are brought up in a properly maintained, cage-free environment so that they may be socialized in the right way. As our cats grow up with an abundance of love and care, they all have friendly and calm temperaments. They’re the perfect domestic, exotic cats for your family.

Exotic Cats for Adoption

Registered with the CFA, Kayman Katz is a well-known exotic cattery in Pennsylvania and the surrounding area. If you’re looking to adopt a special cat you couldn’t just find at a pet store, we’re the cattery to check out. We always have the following exotic cats for sale:


Regal creatures with Egyptian origins, our Abyssinians are the perfect panther-like cats to own if you’re looking for a feline with a lively interest in its surroundings. They are medium to large-sized cats that are quite easy to have in your home. They’re loving cats and the perfect addition to a family with kids.


A cross between hybrids of domestic cats and the Asian leopard cat, our Bengals have wild-looking coats and completely docile personalities. They are highly intelligent felines. Confident and leopard-like yet gentle and friendly, they’ll add the perfect touch of exotic to your home.


Created by crossing African Servals with a variety of domestic cats, our Savannahs are a relatively new breed that is gaining popularity. They have large pointed ears and beautifully spotted smoky golden coats. Our Savannahs have quickly become a crowd favorite for their exotic looks, affectionate nature, and adaptability to new environments.

Guarantees for Exotic Cats as Pets

Whether you’re interested in our kittens, our queens, or our sires, all our cats have a health guarantee. We want to assure you that your new pet will be with you for quite a while and doesn’t have any pre-existing health issues. If ever you have any concerns, contact us, and we’ll be glad to help.

The Best Exotic Cat Breeder in Pennsylvania

If you’re looking for Abyssinians, Bengals, Savannahs or other exotic cats to have as pets, Kayman Katz is your one-stop-shop for the most beautiful wild-looking cats. Schedule an appointment and come by for a visit by giving us a call at (216) 952-0007!

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