The Savannah Breed is like no other breed you'll ever find. They are a cross between the tall elegant African Serval and a Domesticated cat or a already produced no related Savannah. The first Generation bred from the African Serval is called a Savannah F1 containing at least 50% African Serval. The second Generation a Savannah F2 containing at least 25% African Serval. Then a F3 contains at least 12%.

Savannah F4 contains at least 6%. If breed strictly back to a Savannah every time down to Savannah F4 then the F4 is considered a SBT Savannah. That all means that there is no out cross breeding to different breeds. They will be a pure Savannah kittens. Now if a Savannah of any generation is breed back to the wild then you will get a high percent Savannah threw out the generations. The 5TH generation is when the males become fertile. They are usually good to use in a Savannah breeding program.

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