Adults Available

Abyssinian, Bengal, and Savannah's


Meet Amelia! A Magnificent F1 Charcoal 6 year old Savannah Female. Amelia is a very outgoing friendly girl with wild energy! She will eat a dry grain free diet, enjoys her Raw Meat, and does use the litter box with Pine Pellets. She is offered as a pet. $6,000.00

Meet Malawa! A 7 year old F1 Proven Bengal Female. Malawa is a high energy, affectionate girl who will only eat a Raw Meat diet. She is available as a pet, $1,800.00 or a PROVEN Breeder, $3,500.00

Meet Tarahja! A SBT 3 Year old Bengal PREGNANT Female! Tarahja is a stunning, lovely, girl. She is very affectionate and a wonderful Mother, will even take on other Queens kittens. She is a very neat, easy keeper. Perfect for someone who wants a litter without having an intact Male. I am cutting back as I tend to keep too many! $2,500.00

Meet Chica! A SBT 3 year old Bengal Female! She is a very affectionate girl, doesn't mind other cats doesn't mind dogs. She had a C-Section and I refuse to breed her again as she has developed a small hernia. She does still need to be Spayed and is being offered at a discounted price of $500.00

Meet Simba! A 6 year old Charcoal Snow Ocicat. Simba is an amazing sweet boy, gentle and shy. Prefers to be the only Pet. His owner had to move and needs to rehome him. I don't have details on where he came from, only that he sleeps here with us every night!

Available as a great companion $600.00

Meet Odyssey! A Stunning SBT Bengal Male less then one year old! Odyssey was held back as a possible breeder. It was a very difficult choice! He is a Huge, social, boy sure to make an amazing pet, $1,200.00 or outstanding Breeder, $2,000.00

Meet Cheetah! A 6 year old F4 Savannah Female. Cheetah is a very, very, affectionate girl who does not play well with others! Has to be the center of attention! She is a Kaymankatz and the owner has to rehome her due to a move. $600.00

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