Bengal Breeder in Columbus

If you are a resident in the Columbus area and are considering a truly special addition to your family, the professionals at Kayman Katz breed, raise, and sell Asian Leopards and Bengal cats.

These majestic, unique-looking companions are of the highest breeding quality, raised in a loving and social environment. With their innate curiosity, great intelligence, and affectionate nature, a Bengal cat or kitten makes the perfect addition to any home. They will provide you with years of loyal friendship and companionship.

We invite you to visit our beautiful facility to visit our wonderful feline friends. If you would like more information, give us a call today!


Bengal Cats and Kittens for Loving Homes

When you are considering pet ownership, you may be in search of a companion who breaks with convention. While the beauty of domestic cats can’t be beat, you might be in search of a cat that looks like no other. As Ohio’s leading breeder of exotic cats and hybrids, we are proud to raise and sell spectacular Asian Leopard and Bengal cats.

These incredibly special and elegant cats originate with Bengals and contain at least 50% wild blood. They are available in a variety of generations, including F1, F2, F3, F4, and F5. With a huge variation of magnificent colors and markings, they are most frequently recognized by their famous spots.

Our Bengal cats enjoy a joyful upbringing surrounded by their brothers, sisters, and cousins. They learn valuable socialization and are encouraged to develop their curiosity and analytical nature.

A Fully-Equipped, Cage-Free Bengal Cat Breeding Facility

At Kayman Katz, we emphasize the importance of freedom and socialization in the upbringing of our cats. Our beautiful, well-appointed breeding center has everything needed to keep cats engaged and occupied. Toys, games, and no shortage of outdoor and indoor space to roam are just some of the amenities our cats enjoy.

They also receive regular veterinary visits to ensure they are strong and healthy.

Our facility is open for visits with prospective pet owners, and we would welcome the opportunity to give you a tour!

Compassionate, Dependable Exotic Cat Breeders with Two Decades of Experience

We have been raising the highest quality exotic pets for nearly twenty years. In that time, we have developed a significant reputation, not only for the quality of our animals but also for our compassionate, loving service.

We know all our cats by personality, and we can help you locate the perfect cat to suit your home and family!

Add a Stunning Exotic Cat to Your Family

For a truly unique and distinctive pet, consider a Bengal queen or Bengal sire from the breeding professionals at Kayman Katz.

Our objective is to exceed your expectations with our stunningly beautiful cats. With our background in rescue and rehabilitation, we produce exotic kittens with incredible social tendencies.

To learn more, contact one of our representatives today!

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