Exotic Cat Breeder in Michigan

Exotic Cat Breeder in Michigan

Kayman Katz has been Michigan’s top choice exotic cat breeder for many years in a row. Our commitment to providing the best quality genetics and care for each animal is reflected in our long-lasting relationships with each of you, past and future cat parents. Reach out to us today by phone to ask for more information on a specific animal. We’re looking forward to getting to know you and to helping you make your pet parenthood dreams a reality.

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Exotic Cat Breed List

As lifetime cat lovers and long-time licensed breeders, we take great care to make sure each kitten produced in our care meets strict standards, and each mother is given exactly what she needs for a successful, healthy birth. We specialize in three categories of pure exotic cat breeds: Abyssinians, Asian Leopard / Bengal, and Savannah. 

Abyssinians Cats

One of the oldest domestic cats in existence today, with a lifespan of up to 15 years, Abyssinian cats are smart, affectionate, and prone to living life to the very fullest. Some pure breeds go on to become award winning show animals, and others become prized family members. If you have always wanted an Abyssinian cat, you’ve come to the right place. Connect with us today to begin your journey toward owning one of the very coolest exotic cats around.

Asian Leopard Cats / Bengal Cats

With some of the most beautiful markings possible, Asian leopards (also called Bengal cats) make for a great addition to your home. Have you prepared your space for their arrival? Reach out by phone today to find out more about what you can do to make your home the most comfortable place for the newest member of your family.  

Savannah Cats 

Unlike any other breed on the plant, the Savannah cat is an elegant and visually mesmerizing animal that usually loves nothing more than to curl up beside you during the night. Loyal and playful, with the proper provisions, these beauties will make a wonderful addition to almost any loving home. Speak to us today to find out more about our Savannah cat breeding practices.

Best in Breed: Exotic Cats for Sale

Our cattery prides itself on providing top-quality care for each of our queens, sires, and kittens. We go above and beyond to foster a loving and stress-free atmosphere with the goal of producing purebred kittens with the best temperaments possible. Each of the exotic cats for sale requires the signing of the following contract. This is to ensure you are protected as a buyer and that the kitten or adult cat remains in good health once it reaches your custody.

How Much Is an Exotic Cat?

The price of an exotic cat is reflected in the species, sex, and in the purity of the breed. Our certified staff would be happy to discuss our cost-saving rates with you during a telephone consultation. Please, give us a call today for more information. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Rare Exotic Cat Breeds Contract

This Certificate Guarantees the Feline purchased from Cattery #217861 Registered with The International Cat Association, The Cat Fanciers Association, The Abyssinian Cat Breed, The Bengal Cat Breed, The Savannah Cat Breed, The Exotic Cat Network, is a Pure Bred Abyssian, Bengal, or Savannah, with no further outcross. This further assures the feline will remain free of Genetic and Congenital disorders for one year, excluding allergies. With a one week general health guarantee provided the Feline remains in quarantine for a period of no less than one week, highly recommended two weeks. This includes any known genetic or congenital diseases at time of sale. Feline must be examined by a qualified Veterinarian of Pure Bred and Exotic Felines within 48 hours of expectancy to assure good health quality and that no injuries were acquired during travel. This visit must be documented. The Feline Leukemia Vaccine and the FIP vaccine are not recommended as a safe vaccination. If given will void all health guarantees and release breeder from any further responsibility. Ketamine use during surgery is not safe for Hybrids.

If used will void all health guarantees and release Breeder from any further responsibility. Refunds on deposits are NOT given. A Deposit or Payment is in good faith of a future purchase from this Cattery and will NOT be refunded, though may be transferable to a family member and is good for two years. Replacement Felines will only be given after a qualified Veterinarian preforms a necropsy and finds a genetic or congenital defect that caused the death by the age of one year and the Breeder has received a copy of the necropsy. FIP is not a genetic or congenital disease and is not covered under the guarantee. Breeder will not be responsible for any medical expenses. During periods of stress, such as going to a new homes via car or airplane. Bacteria can multiply and cause diarrhea. Which can be very difficult to detect, even with a veterinarian stool exam. Stress may also cause watery eyes and sneezing. If you notice these symptoms, your veterinarian can prescribe medication to clear up the bacteria or medication to prevent the “cold like symptoms” from becoming an upper respiratory infection. If your baby seems stressed, make sure the room is calm. Keep the baby close to you rubbing its neck and shoulders. Moisten your fingers and tug their ears while stroking.This will give the sensation that its Mother or Siblings are bathing them. Owner agrees to keep current on all vaccines and routine check ups. Owner will not allow Feline outdoors unless on a leash and harness. Nor shall Feline be kept in an outdoor run. Feline is NOT TO BE CAGED! Caging causes stress.

Any health problems or non routine vet visits must be reported to Breeder within 10 days. Any serious health issues must be reported immediately as it may affect many families and many in the Cattery and should be treated with the highest of concern. Felines may NOT be altered until six months of age. This is when their immune system is fully developed and they can better handle the anesthesia and recovery. Registration papers will be sent when breeder receives confirmation. This is also a good time to declaw in the FRONT PAWS ONLY. Declaw on all fours can alter their equilibrium and effect them for the rest of their lives. This kitten is to be sold as PET ONLY! If it is found that you have attempted to breed or contacting a breeder with intent to breed this Feline, you will be fined a minimum of $5,000. And will be forced to surrender the Feline back to the breeder with no reimbursement. All litigation will be done in the Cuyahoga County Court System of Ohio If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Thanks so much, Judith-Kaymankatz www.kaymankatz.com 216-952-0007 Specializing in Socializing, So go ahead….. Add A Little Wild Life To Your Family!

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