Savannah Breeder in Cleveland

Kayman Katz is one of Cleveland's top cat breeders. Our service also includes the sought-after Savannah breed. We pick out some of the most hard-to-find breeds among the feline species and work on breeding them in an environment that promotes health and happiness.

Whether you're curious about our Savannah breeds or looking to adopt a Savannah cat, call us at (216) 952-0007 to speak to our expert breeder.

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We Breed Beautiful Savannah Specimen in a Healthy Environment

We understand the need for a secure atmosphere to breed and raise cats. Some breeders may not offer the best habitat for cat breeding. However, the setting for the cats' mating, birth, and fostering is a decisive factor in the kitten's development.

We believe that breeding our cats in a hygienic environment is essential to their upbringing. Our Savannah cats enjoy a clean and healthy habitat to breed and grow in so that their development is optimal.

Get Yourself a Savannah Kitten from a Trusted Breeder in Cleveland

We have worked with countless clients in Cleveland to become the most trusted breeder in the area. Our Savannah cats are the talk of the town, especially among the cat-loving crowd. With our years in the business, we have honed our cat breeding skills and service to offer a top-notch facility for their birth and rearing.

Each of our Savannah cats is hand-selected to become part of our family. We delve into their breeding history, medical records, and physical condition to ensure we take on only the best. We have an extensive selection of Savannah queens, sires, and kittens that you can take a look at in order to conclude your choice. If you want to learn more about what makes our Savannah cats and kittens so special, we invite you to book an appointment with us at your convenience.

Our Consultation Process Is Geared Toward the Long-Term Well-Being of The Cats

We want to ensure that our cats always go to a loving family that will take care of their needs adequately. That's why, we will take the time to get to know you and your preferences, as well as what you can offer as a cat parent.

Our team will provide you with an education on cat requirements and day-to-day activities that will foster the best environment for their growth and well-being. We are also eager to impart tips and techniques to incorporate into their growth once you have adopted them from us.

Choose Kayman Katz To Get Your Savannah Breed in Cleveland

If you are seeking an exotic companion to join your family, check out our collection in Cleveland. Kayman Katz will work to find you the right fur child to grace your life with its unique habits and antics. Our Savannah kittens are taken care of with care and devotion to producing a well-rounded pet waiting to be your family member.

Get yourself a well-loved Savannah kitten by calling us at (216) 952-0007.